It is a pleasure to introduce you the Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. a company with a modest beginning which has now grown dramatically as one of the few pioneers in the industry. From the very beginning, the company’s incorporators aimed into becoming one of the Nepal’s leading Manpower agencies, soliciting only the best and high skilled Nepalese for overseas deployment.

 Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. has ability in deploying only the best personnel abroad. Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. is a placement and consultancy company involved in deploying highly skilled professionals and also the unskilled manpower to the local and overseas companies/clients.

 Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. strives to maintain the high standards of recruitment management by adhering to the exacting standards while at the same time exploring new and emerging best practices in the recruitment business to be applied at the work place. Performances by the overseas placement association of Nepal, various worker’s organizations, NGO’s and INGO’s and thousands of well-placed Nepalese workers overseas who have acknowledge the vital role of Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. in giving them employment opportunities.

Message from Chairman - Mohan Gautam

Message from Managing Director - CP Gautam

It gives us immense pleasure that we have introduced Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. as one of the leading Manpower companies established at the heart of the capital city Kathmandu. Since the date of its operation it has been playing a vital role in delivering skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower as per the requirement of the international business organizations.

We strongly believe that the manpower business sector has a lot of potentially and it can also help people to achieve their goals and bring a smile on their gloomy faces. We are very grateful to the kind support of the government and admirable patience and participation of the manpower sector.

I really feel honored and privileged to express a few words on Nexus Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. It has been able to establish itself as an exemplary organization to provide specialized, dedicated candidates for various sectors as required by the international employers. We are proud to say that our candidates recruited abroad have been working diligently and honestly. They have also gained love and respect from employers for their perseverance.

We extends our sincere gratitude for showing your interest towards our organization. It is a delight to introduce ourselves as one of the leading human resource company operating from Kathmandu, Nepal . our company is organized by efficient and qualified experts and personnel We are well trained and experienced in the field of human resources planning , consultancy and recruitment. I wold  further like to bring to our client’s notice that Nexus Human Resource Pvt.Ltd. with its skilled and experienced staff members , quality service to meets the required demands of the client.

-Arun Giri

Arun Giri

Message from Operation Director (Malaysia) - Gurmeet Singh

NEXUS is undoubtedly a reputable manpower supply entity based in Nepal, currently meeting Human Resources demand and requirement of various countries across the globe including Malaysia, Kuwait , Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. As NEXUS’ Director of Operations in Malaysia, it is my pleasure to be part of a distinguished entity such as NEXUS and I am confident that my presence in your local environs in Malaysia will certainly facilitate and enhance our relationship with existing and prospective employers / Human Resource agencies here in Malaysia . I hope this “Local  Link” will make the procurement of manpower from Nepal a breeze indeed !


Malay Translation:

Memang tidak  dinafikan lagi NEXUS adalah sebuah entiti pembekal tenaga kerja tersohor yang berpangkalan di Nepal . Kini NEXUS memenuhi keperluan sumber manusia di pelbagai negara sedunia termasuk Malaysia , Kuwait , Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Dubai  dsb . sebagai pengarah operasi NEXUS di Malaysia , saya rasa berbesar hati dan bangga kerana menjadi sebahagian daripada sebuah entiti berwibawa seperti NEXUS. Saya juga yakin bahawa kehadiran saya rapat di kalangan suasana tempatan akan dapat memudah dan merangsanga tahap perhubungan dengan para majikan/ agensi sumber manusia yang sedia ada juga yang bakal menggunakan perkhidmatan NEXUS di Malaysia. Saya harap   “jalan penghubung tempatan” ini dapat dimanfaatkan bersama dan berupaya memenuhi segala keperluan tenaga kerja warga Nepal di Malaysia.

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